Low Pressure Molding

Low Pressure Molding For Electronic Protection

Low pressure molding materials are used to encapsulate and protect electronics against moisture, dust, dirt and vibration but feature faster processes than conventional potting. You’ll find products that help to shorten cycle times and offer greater design flexibility all while protecting against water, extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, shock and vibration. The materials are used across all types of industries such as medical, electronic components, industrial applications among others. 


ECT strives to provide technical support for the products we distribute. We regularly update our information, but cannot guarantee it is the most recent version from the manufacture. Please verify TDS and SDS on the manufacturer website for the most up to date information.

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Technomelt PA 2692

Technomelt PA 2692 is an amber, polyamide-based, thermoplastic, hotmelt adhesive which has excellent heat resistance up to +356 °F (+180 °C).

Thermelt 892

Moldable polyamide with increased strength and hardness for industrial and consumer electronics applications. Available in black only.

Thermelt 195

Moldable polyamide with excellent thermal stability and increased hardness for electronics overmolding. 

Spectra-Melt 216

Thermoplastic hot melt polyamide resin ideal for LED applications that provides excellent optical clarity and brightness, fortified with a thermal antioxidant and stabilizer for long melt-tank life. 

Technomelt PA 668 Clear

Technomelt PA 668 Clear is a thermoplastic polyamide designed for over-molding sensitive electronic devices which is clear in color.

Technomelt PA 6344

Technomelt PA 6344 UV resistance, polyamide-based, thermoplastic, hot melt adhesive is designed for molding compound applications.

Thermelt 865

Moldable polymide with very good low temperature resistance and good adhesion for automotive applications. 

Thermelt 858

Moldable polyamide with very good thermal stability as well as UV moisture resistance. Available in black only. 

Technomelt PA 6481

Technomelt PA 6481 BLACK is a black, physical setting, thermoplastic polyamide hot melt adhesive used for outdoor molding applications.

Technomelt PA 641

Technomelt PA 641 can be processed at low processing pressure due to its low viscosity, allowing encapsulation of fragile components without damage.

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