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Trust Electronic Coating Technologies to provide you with the greatest selection of innovative, quality industrial bonding adhesives that work well with any type of substrate. Our bonding materials are trusted in demanding industries such as medical, aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive, power, and electronic energy among others. If you are looking to bond glass, metal, plastics, dissimilar substrates or even products with difficult to reach shadow areas, we have a selection of products that will solve your problem. Many of our adhesives have no added solvents, and form a solid, and offer a fast  cure at room temperature or with UV or LED light. Whatever your manufacturing need, you will find a reliable adhesive from ECT. 


ECT strives to provide technical support for the products we distribute. We regularly update our information, but cannot guarantee it is the most recent version from the manufacture. Please verify TDS and SDS on the manufacturer website for the most up to date information.

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This optical epoxy adhesive has very low shrinkage during cure, making it ideal for rapidly positioning optical components. 

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Low-shrink, UV-curable optical adhesive designed for the positioning of lens, prism and fibers. 


A UV cure optical adhesive that forms tough, resilient bonds to glass, metals and a variety of plastics including polycarbonate and polyimide.


Multipurpose UV-curable optical adhesive forms tough, resilient bonds to glass, metals, and a variety of plastics including polycarbonate and polyimide. 


High-performance optical adhesive is designed for the precise positioning of lenses, prisms, and other optical components. 


OP-67-LS is designed for rapid positioning of optical components and minimize movement of high-accuracy optical components during cure. 

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