Formulated Materials for Electronics

Standards We Can Demonstrate; Performance You Can Trust. 

We are experts in formulated material selection. We supply and use only the highest quality materials from trusted brands to solve your product challenges. In addition, we offer a completely integrated approach by offering services such as material application and customized solutions.

Our broad selection includes potting compounds, gaskets, conformal coatings and adhesives frequently used in industries such as Medical, Power & Renewable Energy, Consumer & Industrial, Automotive as well as Aerospace & Military. Our product offerings include all major chemistries, from light-curable materials to more traditional silicone, epoxy, and polyurethane solutions. Whatever your needs, ECT has a broad portfolio of products in our arsenal to provide the exact right solution for your application needs.  

Core Industries 

When partnering with ECT, the services and manufacturing solutions you receive will be tailored based on industry requirements and needs. Learn more about these core industries. 

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