Form-In-Place and Cure-In-Place Gaskets

At ECT you will find a wide selection of form-in-place and cure-in-place gaskets that provide superior protection, a long life and excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. Our FIP/CIP gasket materials are one- or two-part solutions, curable with atmospheric moisture, heat, or high-intensity UV/Visible LED light which results in a faster cure. Our gasket adhesives assist in the resistance of electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI), protect against air, dust, noise, chemical exposure, and other harmful environmental elements. Additionally, our gasket materials have excellent adhesion to glass, metal, plastic, and plated surfaces. 

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GA-142 is a form-in-place (FIP) and cure-in-place (CIP) gasketing resin formulated for electrical enclosures, HVAC ductwork, and automotive casing applications which require a soft, sticky, flexible, low compression set.


GA-108 black, light-curable form-in-place (FIP) gasketing resin is formulated for electrical enclosures, HVAC ductwork, and automotive casings applications which require a soft, ticky, flexible gasket with low compression set.  GA-108 has good adhesion to plastic, metal, and ceramic surfaces.


GA-112 light-curable FIP/CIP tack-free gasketing resin is formulated for applications requiring compression set, a tack-free surface, and durable sealing.  It can be dispensed in intricate and complex configurations with the added benefit of curing in-line.

Epic Resins

A two-component urethane adhesive designed with a fast cure and a convenient 2:1 by volume mix ratio. EPIC S7528-02 is also designed to be thixotropic on mix in order to hold a bead when applied.

Epic Resins

Two-component polyurethane adhesive designed to pass UL 94 V-0 flame retardancy testing. 


A tack free, moisture and chemical resistant cure-in-place resin formulated for sealing plastic, glass and metal enclosures, and plated surfaces.

Epic Resins

A two-component urethane potting compound designed with a high hardness and excellent high-temperature properties. Epic S7214-11 is formulated to provide a convenient 2 to 1 volumetric mix ratio along with a light paste consistency after mixing.


GA-120 light-curable, self-leveling flexible FIP gasket is formulated for speaker assembly, sound damping, and automotive enclosures applications which require soft, tacky, flexible gasket with good deflection and self-leveling viscosity.  Ga-120 has good adhesion to plastic and metal surfaces.


GA-140 moisture- and chemical-resistant FIP gasket is formulated for fuel cell, automotive door handle, appliance housing, and critical electronic assembly and device applications which require a soft, tack-free, low-outgassing, flexible gasket with compression set.  GA-140 has good adhesion to nylon and plastic surfaces.

Epic Resins

EPIC S7528-03 is a two-component urethane elastomer designed for use in the bonding of dissimilar substrates with excellent tensile and elongation properties for high-performance applications. 

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