Potting Compounds & Encapsulants

Electronic Potting Compounds & Encapsulants

PCB potting compounds and encapsulants are essential for providing superior protection for electronic components and circuitry. At ECT, we know that each product design and manufacturing process can be complex, and it may be difficult to find a material that will exactly meet all the requirements for your application. With our extensive knowledge in the field, we can assist you in finding the most suitable compound to fit your needs. We work closely with our distribution partners to provide a variety of PCB potting compounds and encapsulants that offer protection against physical stress, thermal shock, chemical exposure, heat and humidity, all the while providing a great deal of electrical insulation. Our selection of potting compounds and encapsulants can be purchased for your in-house manufacturing process or can be used with our potting/encapsulation contract manufacturing services. Not sure where to start? Our team of technical experts can work with you to engineer a solution, from product selection to process development.


ECT strives to provide technical support for the products we distribute. We regularly update our information, but cannot guarantee it is the most recent version from the manufacture. Please verify TDS and SDS on the manufacturer website for the most up to date information.


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QSil 553LV

Two-part encapsulation and potting silicone.

QSil 216

Low viscosity optically clear silicone encapsulant.

Light-Curable Potting Compounds for Electronic Components

Dymax potting materials provide strong, translucent bonds and are ideal for potting electronics, connectors, thermal switches, and sensors, as well as for tamper-proofing. They offer high adhesion to metal, glass, ceramic, and many phenolic, filled, and thermoset plastics.

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