Dimer N_2 Parylene Conformal Coating

Parylene Conformal Coating

Dimer N Parylene Conformal Coatings

Parylene N is the most common polymer coating. This coating is chlorine free, making it ideal for medical as well as aerospace, defense, and automotive applications. This dry lubricity coating offers high die electric strength at 7k volts at 1 mil coating.


  • Chlorine free – ideal for medical components
  • Higher thermal protection than Parylene C (-200◦C to 150◦C)
  • Incredibly low permeability to moisture, chemicals, and corrosive gases
  • Dielectric strength of 7k volts at 1 mil coating
  • Tensile strength of 6,500 psi
  • Halogen-free



  • Batch processing only
  • Rework requires special equipment
  • Time required to prepare and mask boards
  • Adhesion promoter required
  • Slower rate of deposition than Parylene C - increased processing time
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