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Parylene Conformal Coating

Parylene Conformal Coatings

Commonly referred to as parylenes, poly-para-xylylenes are applied at very high temperatures with a vacuum-coating process.  Therefore, they cost significantly more compared to other technologies.


  • Excellent Uniformity Regardless of Part Geometry - No Pinholes, Fillets, or Bridging
  • Chemical Inertness/Barrier Properties Insoluble in Organic Solvents, Acids, or Bases, with Very Low Permeability Rates
  • Minimal Added Mass
  • Biocompatibility Allows Use in Many Medical Applications
  • Low Environmental Impact Process
  • Low Outgassing



Vapor Deposition Polymerization

  • Parts are processed by batches in a vacuum chamber, not an in-line process
  • Masking required for no-coat areas
  • Coating removal and rework generally requires specific equipment, abrasion/micro-blasting most common technique
  • Limited UV resistance and operating temperature limit, around 120°C [248°C] in the presence of oxygen
  • Cannot be doped


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